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April 1 (no joke), 2010 - TIme flies... and still stuck with my table-layout pages...

Never mind.
Past weekend I've been to a PAVERPOL workshop in Oudewater. Invited my cousin, and we had a marvellous time. Ineke is a great teacher. 6 of us, messing with wire frames. We were mighty proud of the result. Will order some material and try to make another statuette at home soon.

Below the results of our statuettes. Not bad! (But to be honest, anyone can do it...).
paverpol beeldje sher paverpol beeldje sher

My figurine is at the left. No title yet.... in the right picture she's at home.

One more shot, from behind:

paverpol beeldje van achteren

Below cousin Hanna, in action building her figurine

hanna in aktie

Group results below
Hanna's statuette is 2nd from right. Love it, Quite elegant
paverpol workshop beelden groep

March 14, 2010 - Happiness can be that easy....
happy logo
February 27, 2010 - Daily words of the Buddha (

Make an island of yourself,
make yourself your refuge;
there is no other refuge.

Make Dhamma your island,
make Dhamma your refuge;
there is no other refuge. 


Beautiful Buddhaface compi by Joker 74 @ FLICKR. Used with permission
THANKS MUCH and... appreciated!
Go check out the other MARVELLOUS pictures by Joker 74 at FLICKR.COM

buddhaface by Joker 74 @ FLICKR
February 22, 2010 - Daily Words of The Buddha

buddha statue

Look not to the faults of others,
nor to their omissions and commissions.
But rather look to your own acts,
to what you have done and left undone.

A personal Remark:

I must admit, that I'm not able YET...
live by these words of wisdom.
More work to be done, not giving up on me...

February 12, 2010

heart earthWHO is GOD or... WHAT is GOD?

My idea about God: GOD is not a person, and certainly NOT a WHITE guy, with a long beard, with a staff in his hand on a cloud, looking down on the world.

GOD is an idea/concept that has led to, too many conflicts, wars and deaths, year after year, century after centry, and it is still going on!
As George Carlin said in one of his marvellous shows: My God is the real God, My God told me to start a war against your (fake)God. My God has a bigger dick than your God. Indeedie. Religion and God have only led to misery and misunderstanding between people. Why don't we start to use another word for GOD. E.g. The source of love, or Unity or maybe even universe.
God is - probably - the sum of everything that IS.
GOD is therefore you and me, the tree, the bee, the tiger, the mountain, the rain, the snow, the sand, the clouds and everything else.

Each creature and each thing that is, has an everlasting energy, that will still exist after our body dies. And this energy is what GOD is.

How come that in our life and times, there are still POWERFUL forces in this world who believe in God (GOD BLESS AMERICA), have GOD written on their currency (in GOD we trust e.g.) and still send off young people to wargrounds to suppress and slaughter others?
And this is just an example of the most Powerful nation in the world, which doesn't mean, there aren't other nations and forces that don't do the very same.

We are ALL in a battle and a war situation. We just have to look at our own lives, and conflicts with others. Whether it is our neighbour, our mother, our sister, our friend, or just someone we in the streets, who pushes our buttons, or who offends us.

And now what?
How can we stop this, and live forever in harmony and peace, with ourselves and others.
Is it just enough to be kind to others?
And... continue to be kind, even when we are being disappointed and deceived?

Is it enough to forgive ourselves, and others for wrong-doings?
where does it all start?

Maybe it's just enough to say one kind word or one kind thought, daily,
to ourself, and one other being (maybe especially to the ones who hurt us the most).

Would it be enough to change our outlook on the world, ourself and our enemies?

Well... why don't we try?
One kind word or thought a day. Shouldd't be too difficult.

I'm not enlightened yet, I still make lots of mistakes,
but I'm willing to change, for the better.

In La'kesh: YOU are another ME (Mayan Saying)

February 4, 2010

mind over matter - if you don't mind it won't matter

To all my senior friends....

AGE is

If you DON'T MIND,
it doesn't matter.

Way to go!!

February 3, 2010 - St. Francis Prayer

sint franciscus van assissiLord, make me an instrument of your peace,

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled
as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

February 2, 2010 - Ghandi - ONE WORLD
February 1, 2010

krishnamurti-portraitWe are each one of us
responsible for every war
because of the aggressiveness of our own lives...

And only when we realize...
that you and I are responsible...
for all the misery throughout the entire world,
because we have contributed to it in our daily lives...

only then will we act.

- J. Krishnamurti,

January 29, 2010 - Daily Words of the Buddha

buddha's face"As I am, so are others;
as others are, so am I."

Having thus identified self and others,
harm no one
nor have them harmed.  

January 25, 2010 - iPhone Craze or... iPhone Magic ?
iPhone magic and craze

I have this young friend who's totally iPhone crazed.
Got me thinking and wondering.
Honestly, I'm in total awe about what it can all do. Something to keep you busy 24/7, and you may eventually end up in a rehab clinic.

The most recent news:
The iPhone was capable of helping a couple finding the exact right time to conceive, after having tried for years to get the lady pregnant.

Wouldn't it be a life and time saver, if it could tell you right away if people are honest instead of just pretending... dAng.

The oracle of the iPhone did some magic with my name
(don't ask me how), and came up with DESTINY 3:
my ideal partner.

He is attractive, full of life and a master of all trades!

He is naturally optimistic and is destined to help other people realise
the power of joy, laughter and imagination.

He finds the most reward in helping those who have lost their passion for life, appreciate it again and start to live it to the full.

He is creative and draws good fortune in everything he does.

His wit and intellect are sharp and he has no problem talking about anything to anyone with charm and grace.

People naturally want to follow him, but he prefers to be unattached,
his independence can often make him proud
and he shys away from commitment
or obligations of any kind.

Wow... some kind of guy.
Is this an extinct species or maybe still alive and hiding in some kind of cave
in the middle of god-knows-where.

Makes me also wonder: Is this a fairy tale (happy ever after?)
or just the start of a horror movie?

Is there a special department at Apple's, who makes up this kinda shit!

Anyhow, she sent me a couple of nice iPhone spiri text images too, Below.
iPhone, I didn't have a clue about its POWER.
Still... not my kinda thAng!

there are no justified resentments turmoil and conflict - dyer
January 08, 2010

screenshot new layout This is a screenshot of the tableless layout I'm working on now.

Interested in a sneak peak CLICK the image at the right and see how things evolve... Might end up in something completely different altogether. Time will tell.

January 06, 2009

Imagine, this playground has been totally abandoned for over a year.... Yeah... About time for reanimation, and kick-off this year real good.
What are the plans? Well... website BUILDING as usual. But now I gave myself a nice task. I gave away a few domains and webhosting for a year.

The next weeks, I'll be working on these websites. They're sort of in a embryonic state right now. Which means, I just quickly threw in a JOOMLA webtemplate layout, which is not a bad way to start, but JOOMLA is still not my big love.

Have a sneak peek at the following links. As said, this is just the beginning, the Genesis, so to speak. UNDER CONSTRUCTION, okay...?! Hop in now and then, to see how it's all evolving...

One is the site for the business of my cousin: screenshot layout hannah

NYZ-Design: Klaas-Jan his site. More work under construction

The playground for my son JaniQ is another project.
we'll see how that will develop.

I even thought about doing a family site: -
we've been thinking for a while of having a reunion.
Hopefully this is a way to get everyone together.
screenshot crezz org screenshot layout klaasscreenshot famiri lisse

November 05, 2008
obama banner

Well.... I am very, very surprised that the US has elected a black man, because the US is still a country up to its neck in apartheid/segregation and racism. I still fear for his life though. There are still forces that will not accept a black man in the WHITE HOUSE! And that's a reality.
But I do hope Obama's message of UNITY will embed in not only the US society, but all over the world.
It's time for fundamental changes, and for real harmony and peace, between ALL people of our world. I think that all people, everywhere, want to live in peace. And I think there is enough abundance in our world for all people to live a decent life without struggle and hunger. There is no need for poverty. All people are entitled to have good education and good health-care, It is - my humble opinion - perverse that a minority of 3% of the world owns 95% or even more.

I don't consider myself Surinamese or Dutch, I see myself as a world citizin. Maybe because of my heritage. I have all the main races in me, and more! ;-)
From my father's side, it's rather clear, his dad is 100% Chinese, his mother was an unmixed negro woman. And I know lots of people will object to the word negro, I don't mind. It's just a word, I don't consider it to be a bad word.

From my mother's side it's a mix of negro+whites. One branch of her forefathers were jews, who had to leave Portugal around 1690, because of the Inquisition. Her granddad is from Belgium. He left his monastry the night before he would become a priest, went to Holland, joined the army and was sent to Surinam. Other ancestors of my moms are Amerindians.
So, I have many many bloods flowing through me, which make it easier maybe to relate to most people. If somebody is a bastard, I just say THAT specific person is a bastard, not his whole race.

May all the people of our world join together and look for similarities in each other instead of differences.

May all beings be HAPPY and live in PEACE with one another!

October 31, 2008  - 3 day retreat at the Phat Hue Pagoda in Frankfurt
These wonderful pictures of the retreat are all from/by Phat Hue Pagode.
Thanks much for the permission to use them here on my little playground!
ajahn hands
ajahn welcomed at airport
ajahn dhamma talk Phat Hue

Last Monday I came back from a 3 day retreat at the Phat Hue Pagoda in Frankfurt Germany with the Ven Ajahn Brahm. I bumped into Ajahn Brahm last year May, after I had finished my 1st 10 day Vipassana retreat in Belgium. I GOOGLED for buddhism and one of the first sites that was on the "hit list" was The Buddhist Society of Western Australia.

ajahn in action

A great place where I spent hours and hours, listening to dhamma talks. I still listen a couple of times a week to the dhamma talks of the BSWA. I'm stuck at that place.
The way Ajahn teaches is extraordinary. Lots of fun and laughter is always helpful to understand subjects quite well.

ajahn in the Phat Hue Pagoda
listening to ajahn
ajahn in the zengarden

I'm thankful for having been able to visit the retreat. I thank everyone at the Phat Hue Pagoda for being so kind and having spent so much energy and love in organizing the retreat.

I highly reccommend Ajahns books:
"Opening the door to your heart" and "Mindfulness, Bliss and Beyond"

September 01, 2008  


It's high time I start changing my pages. These pages have been made in Dreamweaver and are table-based. The new way of website-making is however based on tableless-"design".
Personally I don't like the word "design" so much. I find it kinda pretentious, and the word has been shamelessly misused (my humble opinion).
People who are just starting off with a handful of html codes, already come up with a company name with "design" in it. If I check their pages in the W3C validator, the number of errors is shockingly high.

Then again: NOT all of MY pages have yet been validated and surely are NOT yet error-free, so I should NOT be complaining about others so much.
Very unkind of me, I guess to be so critical and judgmental. I apologize.

Because the bottom-line really is about finding so much joy in wrestling and dancing with css & xhtml coding and feeling so damn pleased when the job is done!
We all should feel free in being involved in this fascinating hobby, whether we call it "design" or not.

Hopefully I'll find some time soon to change these table-based-pages into table-less layouts.
Maybe even change the look of this playground of mine again!
Hello Photoshop, here I come....

Then there is also my Joomla project to make my own templates, because I don't want to stay stuck in using the templates of others. There are millions of beautiful templates out there, mind you, but still... it's always much more pleasing to make your own template, and not being dependent on the creative ideas of others.

Being busy with making websites, is about learning on a daily basis, it's like a never-ending exploration of countless possibilities how to "skin a cat". Ouch, that POOR POOR cat!

August 29, 2008  

Yesterday I got back from my 2nd Vipassana 10 day silence retreat. Still not easy, but absolutely worthwhile for everyone to do. If the method is being practised the way it's been taught, life can't but change and definitely become more peacefully and harmoniously.
We are the masters of our own universe.

wheel animation 

Look for information about Vipassana on:
Doing a 10 day silence retreat is the most wonderful gift to yourself.

August 16, 2008 

First paid website-building job. Naizzz...

To the right a link to the website I built for my footreflexology therapist Annelies Offenberg
Annelies is also specialized in orthomolecular therapy, flower remedy, and more!

screenshot site annelies

Do yourself a big favor, fly over to her website and make an appointment. Very worthwhile. I highly reccommend her.

August 14, 2008 

I've tried Joomla in the past. Not too fond of it. I call it brainless website making (...). So... uh... template based... Getting stuck within a framework, what's the joy of that?
Another version had been released late summer 2007. Only now I decided to give it a try.
It has some advantages indeed, but I like building sites wrestling with HTML and CSS too much I guess...
So, what I will be doing in the future, is trying to learn and make

joomla logo

my own template-based-layouts. That should be real fun! Click on the Joomla logo and fly to my Joomla template based exercise page. The person who designed this template has great taste indeed.

August 11, 2008

Another wonderful holiday with my sister & bro' in law. Up north, Oostmahorn, Friesland in a beautiful house on poles in the Lauwersmeer (a lake, which once was a sea). The weather was incredibly wet and windy, which made the waters look even more beautiful. The neverending interaction between the wind, the water, the rain and the sun, makes this place one of my ultimate favorites. I wouldn't mind living here forever.
This is also rainbow country. Never seen so many, and double ones as well. Place of magic.

April 21, 2008

Been to Surinam in March: 3 weeks.
A wonderful present from my sister Andrea and her husband Henk,
(picture right - click on the pic for a larger image). I had my doubts going on holidays (long flight was one...). It was marvellous and I enjoyed it tremendously. The 5-day-riverboat trip with the MiGudu (meaning: my sweetheart),

an en henk

was beyond words. Gazing at the tropical forest wall was totally magic. If you ever visit Surinam, make the river cruise. LOOK HERE.
A holiday-album will follow... in a while...

February 27, 2008

In the meantime another project has seen the light of day.
My Berkeley friend ~alan, who had been writing about the history of Berkeley, called me in december 2007 and asked if I'd like to build a site for him. I dived into it. Good way to keep me and my brains healthy, and not losing my sanity...To see this web-kid of mine, click the picture on the right.

history of berkeley screenshot

January 19, 2008
I am a VOICE FOR LOVE SUPPORTER - Check out their website

The Voice for Love - DavidPaul and Candace Doyle are great "ACIM" teachers who offer a wide variety of resources for learning how to hear the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God within, including:

  • meditation for beginners,
  • guided meditation,
  • emotional healing,
  • an interview with Gary Renard on receiving divine guidance, and
  • online prayer requests.


Follow the link in the right column for information about their 2nd book: "Voice for Love"

online prayer request
You can also post an online-prayer-request.

voice for love book
October 4, 2007  

Past 5 weeks another round of Photoshop classes. Discovering more handy ways to work with it. Homework click the image at the right.
Last assignment for this round of 10 lessons was to make (build ya know me) a weblayout. I'm rather pleased with it.

lesson 05 - ps
August 13, 2007
Twelve Rules of Life - by Cherie Carter-Scott
Very worthwhile
link to mirjam's 50th b-day photo-album
August 07, 2007
The continuing story of WORDPRESS...
Now I also made a blog-page at Wordpress.
clicka-1 clicka-2 and done... holy...

link to mirjam's 50th b-day photo-album
August 02, 2007
At long last, I installed WORDPRESS, "just" to find out how it works. It can be done fast (if the designer delivers the thAng complete... that is).
With no knowledge of design/html/css, you can put up pages in a couple of minutes....
sheeezzzz... why did I go through all the pain of learning html and css?
Well... Wordpress is all about using other peep's creativity to set up slick pages.
wordpress image link
If you're curious. Check out my Wordpress blog exercise
July 26th, 2007
Pages I made for a few of my friends
link friends pages
Yeah... still exercizing
June 14th, 2007
The Greatest Gift, to SELF
This is something everyone should do.
To find out where you can attend one. Meeting oneself is not so easy, but a necessity. Who, or... what is this "ME" we call ego?

a free 10-day retreat, CLICK
Interested about my Vipassana-experience...?
I Blogged a word or two about the 10 day retreat on myspace- CLICK

From May 16th-May 27th I'm in Belgium for a
10-day Vipassana Meditation retreat.
For information about Vipassana, CLICK

wheel animation
April 20th, 2007:

Invitation for my mom's 75th birthday. April 28th
, 2007
invitation mom thumbnail
CLICK for larger image
April 14th, 2007:
Started with PSP-lessons: @ PSP-Angels
psp lessen
March 9, 2007:
Added Mirjam's 50th birthday Photo-album
Mirjam is my sister in law, and as close to me as a true sister.
link to mirjam's 50th b-day photo-album
February 4, 2007:
Grayson Capps was back in Amsterdam - Paradiso
I admin Grayson's Guestbook

~ foto by Toto Frima ~

Visit Toto's page

grayson en sher thumbnail
Click pic for larger image
January 23, 2007:
Decided to share my homeworkpages with y'all. Apart from the finished courses, which can be found in the navibar under "CURSUSSEN". You can visit my current homeworkpages by following the 3 links below:
I added one of the newly designed backgrounds on this mainpage and the gallery page.
I like the bright zag-zag borders...
There are more self-made borders and buttons on the homework pages. As for now they're in Dutch (sorry...) but I might throw in a translation when I have more time.
I think I did a nice job. Be hearing from you.

Yours Truly,
© Sherill E. Lisse - 2007
  Dreamweaver classes @ AAI
HTML classes @ AAI
WEB3 classes @ Kellerhuis
link to my Dreamweaver lessons
link to my HMTL lessons at AAI
link to my HTML-CSS lessons at Kellerhuis

Q: Why AM I here....??
A: STILL dunno (yet)

More on "About Me" page

The first week of September 06, 2006, I started doing a 5-weeks-online Photoshop course @
Main reason was how to learn making website-banners/headers for two websites I had been updating and creating since January 2006 for a singer/songwriter.

Apart from that, I also liked to put my face onto cartoon images with MS-PAINT and I thought that would be a lot easier doing that with PS..

Having learnt working with layers and cutting out selected parts from pics,
I was indeed able to make a collage of pictures for a website-header/banner (you must have spotted the result of an exercise at the top of this page...)

Other images I made in PS below and on the link provided at the bottom of this page.
sherill's lips
leopard before make over with sherill's eyes and lips
sherill's eyes
I put my eyes and lips into a fabulous Leopard

Found a tutorial how to make a watermark too... (cute)
leopard sherill - beware...
~ Ready for the kill... ~
leopard sherill neon glow
~ Same picture with "Neon Glow" filter ~
My homework of the September 2006 classes @ Kellerhuis,
can be found by clicking "curussen" in the navibar,
Or by clicking
Check it out.
Below some silly stuff I made in May 2006
- just with MS-PAINT...

Click here and go to my CARTOON ME page for the Photoshopped images...
which turned out even cuter ....

sherill I want you uncle sam cartoon
fox in socks sherill

cartoon bird sherill
squigly logo

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